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It's too quiet

We're coming up on three days before the NBA Draft, and I still have no idea what the Wizards plan on doing.

The lack of activity adds fuel to the theory that a move of some kind is imminent.  At the same time, you'd think that we would have heard something, especially considering that this is rumor season.  Perhaps nobody is really interested in trading for Brendan Haywood, Antonio Daniels, or Etan Thomas.  If that's the case, I can't really blame them.  

On the other hand, the Wizards haven't exactly been working out potential lottery picks.  Thaddeus Young just worked out for the team today, and they've yet to work out Julian Wright, Al Thornton, or Acie Law.  Perhaps that means Ernie hopes to trade down to get multiple picks, possibly with Philadelphia, who holds the 21st and 30th selections.  It could be something like this, although I'm not really seeing why Philly would do that trade.  I'd love to see the Wizards move down and get multiple selections, because what dogged them last year was a lack of bench depth.  Getting quantity over quality improves the bench while simultaneously adding badly needed trade assets.  

If the Wizards do keep the pick, it looks like they'll go best player available.  Ivan has a hunch of who it'll be.

I can't go out on a limb and tell you which player or players Ernie Grunfeld is dying to see sitting there at 16 but I have a feeling that if either Nick Young (USC) or Javaris Crittendon (Georgia Tech) drops that far, Ernie will take them. I've heard that both players had great workouts. The issue is that Young's status has been helped by the workout process and he could go as high as the top 12. Ditto for Crittendon, a freak of an athlete who only played one year of college ball.

I think we can unanimously agree that the Wizards should take Nick Young if he's around.  The problem is that he's a strong possibility to get picked by either the Hornets at 13 or the Clippers at 14, if not higher.  Crittenton could easily be around, but I'm not so keen on selecting a point guard who can't pass.  I also wish the Wizards don't select Thaddeus Young, because while he is highly touted, he didn't measure well production-wise against other small forwards in this class.  I'd rather take a more proven commodity than wait on yet another project.  

If the Wizards do stay at 16 and take the best player available, I'd love for it to be Wright or Thorton.  Of the two, I'd rather have Wright because of his diverse talent.  I love that he is an excellent passer and defender for his position, and it's less of a big deal that he's a tweenter in this offensive system.  Thornton is a far better scorer than Wright, but the Wizards don't need another scorer.  Thornton will be a very good player in this league if he's drafted by a team like Philadelphia, but I don't think he'll ever be that good with the Wizards.  Wright, on the other hand, wouldn't fit in well in Phily, but he'd work perfectly here.  Such is the nature of finding the right fit.

As far as a prediction, I'll say that if Nick Young is available, the Wizards will take him.  If Javaris Crittenton is available, but Young isn't, I say they take him.  If neither of the two are available, but Julian Wright is, I say he's the pick.  If none of those guys are available, Ernie will decide between Thaddeus Young and trading the pick.  

I know, not much of a prediction.  But Ernie's been really quiet on the matter thus far.  Too quiet.  I feel like he has something up his sleeve.