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In Keeping With Uniformity...

Like Seth, I'm a pretty big logo nerd so I guess I'm obligated to post this rumor:

The Wizards home and away uniforms use a copper color to compliment the blue and black on both the home and away uniforms.  Of course, the new alternates use a gold that's much brighter than the copper used for the other uniforms.  If the rumor I've heard is true, expect to see a slight change to the jersey with the gold taking over as the accent color on the normal jerseys and the gold staying on the alternate.  Expect it to look something like this:

This change could be in part due to the fact that the Wizards roommates, the Capitals, are getting new threads.  I'm pretty sure that this will be the first time since the two have shared an arena that the two teams will sport different color schemes, of course, the Caps could always just team up with the Hawks.

But like I said at the start, this is just a rumor but I'm pretty sure that my source knows what he's talking about so that's why I'm posting it.  Hey, it has as much credibility as the millions of trade rumors that have gone around so why not?

Oh, I guess I have to post this while I'm at it: