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SB Nation Mock Draft: Pick 33

2007 NBA Mock Draft
Overall Pick: 33

Sacramento Kings
Chosen by: Sactown Royalty
PG/SG, Virginia Tech, Sr.

With the second of two picks acquired from San Antonio, TZ from Sactown Royalty selects Virginia Tech guard Zabian Dowdell.  He's semi-local for DC area fans, I guess.

He explains it thustly.  

Zabian shores up the point guard position behind Mike Bibby, and can help out the bench scoring behind both guard spots.

Apparently, a fellow GM really liked the pick.  Here's what Hoops Addict's Ryan McNeil, picking for the Rockets in this draft, said.

wow, how did Dowdell slip into the second round? He's the kind of player who will have a huge impact next season and will have a Paul Millsap/Daniel Gibson kind of impact.

Great pick Tom!

Dallas is now on the clock with their pick acquired (in real life) from Atlanta in the Anthony Johnson trade.