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SB Nation Mock Draft: Pick 31

Welcome to the second round of the SB Nation NBA Mock Draft!  I'm Russ Granik Pradamaster, and I'll be hosting the second round of the festivities.  

So how about that first round, ey?  There were six trades, including one major one between the Nets (Hooplah...Nation) and the Rockets (Hoops Addict).  Atlanta's pick of Al Horford at #3 pissed Clips Nation's mp off, and in a stunning tale of irony, it was Atlanta that was burned for passing on Mike Conley, having forced to settle for Javaris Crittenton.  Blogger bad boy Joakim Noah went to Phoenix after all, and the Wizards actually found a way to get rid of Brendan Haywood.  

The second round promises to be nearly as good.  So, without further ado, it's time for Utah to make their selection.

2007 NBA Mock Draft
Overall Pick: 31

Utah Jazz

Chosen by: Utah Jazz Blog

After trading his 25th selection to Seattle for two early second-round picks, Aaron (aka la27) from Utah Jazz Blog and Daily Basketball selects UCLA guard Arron Afflalo with the first pick of the second round.  Aaron's explanation is coming, but if I may jump in, I imagine he's ecstatic to select a solid defensive two-guard after the position was manned last year by the inspirational, yet short and limited Derek Fisher and the trigger happy Gordan Giriciek.  Afflalo will provide Utah with the type of perimeter defense they lacked last season.

The Boston Celtics are now on the clock.