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Youtubesman Report: Wedding Fever...and Tyrone Nesby

The first video up this week comes from 1978, the day after the Bullets claimed their first championship.  If anything, it shows how far TV has come in the last 30 years, not to mention the NBA.  It said that 4,000 people showed up for the celebration for the Bullets, today even Memphis could outdraw that if they won the title.  Also, take notice how many of the people reporting are still working for D.C. area newscasts:

Outside of that one magical year, most of the rest of the Bullets/Wizards history has been more or less a train wreck, kind of like being rejected while proposing:

Sadly, it turned out that whole thing was all staged.  Which I guess kind of makes sense, why else would they have a "She Said No" graphic already made up if it wasn't set up?  But if something like that happened to me for real, I'd try and get as far away from everyone as possible.  A trip to the Ukraine would probably do the trick and while there I'd probably end up meeting up with former Wizard Tyrone Nesby or something: