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Chad Ford just wrote this article for ESPN insider regarding Kobe's continued insistence on a trade.  He states that the Lakers would need a star player in return and would have to send Kobe east in order for Kobe to be traded.  He mentioned two players, Paul Pierce and Gil as the most likely players to be sent back to LA.  His trade proposal (with gil) looked like:

Bulls get: Kobe
Lakers get: Gil, Chi's #9 (who Ford says they would most likely draft Yi) and Etan Thomas
Wizards get: Ben Gordon, Tyrus Thomas and PJ Brown

My first thought is that this trade flat out sucks for us.  But say Gil pulls a Carlos Boozer and leaves for somewhere else following next season.  Should we risk losing him for nothing?  While im not a huge Gordon fan, Thomas has some potential and is (going to be) a solid defender.  I would also presume that the deal for PJ Brown is a 1 year deal so we would get some cap relief for the next few seasons.  Anyways, my question to all is "Is this worth it?"  We would get some cap space which would be nice but would be losing our star player.  We would send out a starting line-up of:

PG: Daniels
SG: Gordon
SF: Butler
PF: Jamison
C: Haywood

with a core of songaila, thomas, blatche, #16 and O-pec off the bench.  It's a deep team, i'm just not sure that its a top 4 team in the east, which is subsequently not a forward step.  Any thoughts?

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