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Gone Camping

I'll be out of town this week working as a camp counselor up in the Amish part of Pennsylvania (no, the camp isn't an Amish camp or anything like that, it's just where the camp is).  So there's not going to be any YouTube reports this week but don't fear, Prada is still here and he'll keep the site going, or at least I'd hope is his site and he does most of the writing after all. By the way, make sure to check out all of his wheelin' and dealin' in the SB Nation Mock Draft over at Indy Cornrows.

While I'm trying to keep all the campers in line, hopefully this will keep you going for a while.

(If you don't have Facebook, it just takes a couple minutes to start an account and it's totally worth it to see this group.  No, I didn't create it, although I kind of wish I had.)