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Pollin': Dagger!

Last week you all decided in overwhelming fashion that Gilbert Arenas was the best Wizard last year. So for the final edition of Pollin' you get to choose what you think Gilbert Arenas' best clutch shot for this season was. You probably have them committed to heart by now, but just in case you forgot your nominees are...

Gilbert vs. Milwaukee

On one hand, he hit it from waaaaaaay outside, on the other hand shooting it over Charlie Bell isn't saying all that much.

Gilbert vs. Utah

On one hand, it was clutch shot over Deron Williams against the eventual runner-ups in the West. On the other hand, it was preempted on HBO.

Gilbert vs. Seattle

On one hand, the scoop bank is a really hard shot to execute but on the other hand its kind of easy seeing as how Seattle's defense is even worse than Washington's.

If you feel like voting for Gil's free throws against Golden State or his bank shot over Raja Bell, do it here. Just don't use the other vote for this.