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Youtubesman Report: Party Like an All-Star

(If you don't get title reference, just check out Gibert's Myspace.)

For some reason, doing a report about the NBA All-Star game in Mid-June made all the sense in the world to me so here we are.  The first video of this edition takes a look at the last time the Washington hosted the All-Star Game back in 2001 with a mix about the Slam Dunk Contest which was won by Desmond Mason and also had DeShawn Stevenson from back in his Jazz days:

1996 All-Star Game featured former Bullet Juwan Howard in his only All-Star game performance.  It also feature Penny Hardaway getting pantsed by Michael Jordan:

You may have already seen the last video, I posted it over on Gilbertology a couple of hours ago, but I'm going to go ahead and post it here too because I know you'll love it.  The clip is from a piece Ahmad Rashad did about Arenas, in this part Arenas gets used to life as an All-Star in his first appearance in 2005.