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Step Away From the Ledge!

For the first time in three weeks, Gilbert Arenas has updated his blog.  The primary topic of concern was of course his decision to opt-out of his contract.  He reassures fans that the move is strictly financial and is not an attempt to leave town:

When I signed my original deal, I believed that I would become a max player so I had a player's option. So, I make 11 and 12 million the next two years and then the extension would put me at 12.5, 13, 14 in the three years of the extension. The part that I got frustrated about the extension was that I have to play next year at that figure no matter what and then if I extend, all I'm getting is four years guaranteed. But, if I opt out after next year, I'll have six years guaranteed because I'll sign a whole new six year contract.

So at the end of the day, it will be a six-year deal instead of a four-year deal and instead of starting at 12.5 or 13 million, I'll be starting at 14 or 15 million and I'll be a max player.

This has nothing to do with me leaving or trying to look for other teams. I have to do it:

  1. To get more years and
  2. To increase my pay.

As usual, he also gave an update on his rehab progess:

I finally ran for the first time. You ever seen a three-legged dog run? I'm just a little bit better than that.

But I looked good doing it. I had on all my adidas gear, had on the Gil Zeros, you know.

My shot was still there. That's all that matters to me, as long as I can shoot the ball.

While doing that, he also takes a subtle jab at Chad Johnson, or maybe he's making a joke about the horse, I'm not quite sure.  Speaking of things you ride, he also talks about his bike, which was brought to attention recently after being brought up at D.C. Sports Bog.

My fear that I was having was falling, that was my biggest fear - falling on my leg. Wouldn't you know, we were riding on the freeway and I had to get off and go on the pike towards the airport and Crystal City. The people behind me were too close so I couldn't break and I had to just jump the curb going at least 15 miles an hour.

Whoo! That wasn't a pretty sight. I had grass stains and all sorts of stuff. I fell on my good leg so it was nothing to worry about. All the cars were stopping and asking, "You alright?" I was like, "Yeah, you know, my ego is hurt but that's about it."

I wasn't wearing a bike helmet. The only people who wear bike helmets are 13-year old girls and Tony Hawk, but that's skateboarding and he's doing flips and stuff. I'm going straight. Ha, well I guess I did end up doing a flip off my bike, but it wasn't a planned one.

At least we know that Caron does wear a helmet.  Finally, Gilbert gives out some thoughts on the Finals, practice apparel, his Halo team, and shows off a really goofy looking picture of himself from back in his Golden State days.  

Like I said at the start, it's been a while since he's updated so it's loaded with a lot of good stuff so go and check it out.  Then again, if you read this site and don't read Gil's blog there may be something wrong with you.