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[Second Round] Prospect Profile: Big Baby

NOT Glen Davis

Glen Davis is one of the more impressive underclassmen in the draft this year. He's gifted with some amazing athletic ability and his frame which you would think would make him more suited to be an offensive lineman should serve him well in the pros. Even more incredible than his size is his mobility, for a guy his size to be able to move the way he does is truly remarkable.

Of course when you think of this prospect out of LSU, the first thing that comes to mind is his arm strength. Reportedly he can throw over 70 yards on one knee and...

Wait, who are we talking about???


My bad, although you have to admit at 6-8, 280 pounds, Glen would be a pretty wicked tight end.  But the Wizards are pretty stocked in the receiver department so let's get back to his value as a basketball player.

Many scouts had Davis pegged as a lottery pick last year before deciding to come back to LSU for another year.  Despite putting up similar numbers this year, his stock fell in large part due to the Tigers finishing last in the SEC West after making the Final Four the year before with Tyrus Thomas.  His choice to opt into the draft was seen by some as an attempt to slow his free fall down the big board.

While not a dominant shot blocking presence (1 block per game), Davis can still neutralize opponents with his strength.  An unheralded part of his game is his outside shooting touch.  He has impressive range for a PF from outside, hitting 17 of his 49 from 3 point range.  For comparison, Antawn Jamison was 6 of 15 from downtown his final year in North Carolina.  Davis also averaged more points and rebounds per game his final year than Karl Malone or Charles Barkley did in their final college season.

How do you feel about Glen Davis?  Overrated?  Worth the risk?  Does he need a better nickname?