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The official Bullets Forever draft board: 3-10

Now that we've done separate positional draft boards, let's combine our forces to include the official Bullets Forever board.

In this situation, we're talking about the Wizards only.  We're considering what they need and which players would fit the best.  When ranking your players, do so based on that assumption.

We're going to go ahead and assume that Greg Oden and Kevin Durant will rank number 1 and number 2, respectively.  In this thread, list who you would put in spots 3-10 on the Wizards draft board.  Remember, we're talking about what the Wizards need now, not pure ability.

It's unlikely that the Wizards will have a chance to grab any of these guys, but it always seems like a sure fire lottery pick falls through the cracks.  Last year, it was Marcus Williams.  The year before, it was Danny Granger and Gerald Green.  It's certainly possible that these guys might slip to us.

The comments section is your friend.  Rank away, make your case, etc.