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Prepare to be mocked

First of all, thanks to Jake for the birthday wishes.  I have to say, I'm honored to share a birthday with the great Marv Albert.

Anyway, I wanted to let you all know that the official SB Nation (and friends) Mock Draft is beginning tonight on Indy Cornrows.  Actually, it's technically already begun, but since the first two picks are no-brainers, and because Cornrows is working now, it hasn't officially started.  Participants include the 11 other SB Nation blogs and several top-notch blogging guests, including Forum Blue and Gold, Detroit Bad Boys, Sonics Central, Impending Firestorm, I Heart KG, Hoops Addict, Passion and Pride, I Want to Be a Sports Agent, Hooplah...Nation, Charlotte Blogcat, Daily Basketball, and With Malice.

As you all know, the Wizards have the 16th and 47th picks.  I'll be picking for them, but I want to incorporate everyone's input (hence, the poll to the right).  Jake is also picking, but he'll be handling the New Orleans Hornets.