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Youtubesman Report: Yes!

As you may or may not know, the legendary Marv Albert turns 67 today.  In honor of his legendary career, today's report is all about Mr. Yes!  Here he is capitalizing on his famous phrase:

Albert was also known for his for giving out his "Albert Achievement Awards" on the Letterman show.  Here's one of those segments, check out the fan abuse about 2/3rds of the way in:

Marv Albert's finest hour came with his work on the NBA on NBC, where he would be the voice behind many of the great games of the 1990's.  Here he is voicing the intro to a Bulls-Cavs playoff series:

But let's be honest, this has nothing to Marv Albert, Mr. Editor/Founder is turning a year older today.  So if you want to send your birthday wishes or just encourage him to not ghost ride, this would probably be a good time and place to do it at.