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Community Draft Board: Lead guards/Team Needs

With the draft fast approaching, and more importantly, with the SB Nation and Friends NBA Mock Draft set to begin tomorrow, (by the way, be sure to comment on this trade proposal, although I think we're just going to decline it) it's a good time to throw together our last two community draft board threads.

The bigs thread can be found here (although I think commenting is closed.  If you want to rank bigs, do it here), and the wings thread can be found here.  

For this thread, rank your top point guards and combo guards only.  For that part of the thread, don't take team needs into consideration yet.  Just rank them based on ability.

For the second half of this thread, let's talk about what the Wizards really need in the draft.  Judging by the guys they've been working out, it's unclear whether the team itself knows what they need.  

Personally, I think finding a versatile guard is the top need.  We could use more depth and versatility in the backcourt, with only Gilbert Arenas and Antonio Daniels under contract for next season.  This applies, in my opinion, even if we decide to re-sign DeShawn Stevenson.  Hopefully, this guard, while not necessarily a true point, can take some of the ball-handling duties away from Gilbert Arenas, and, hopefully, he has a slashing game that mixes well with Arenas' long-distance bombing.  Think a much, much less expensive, but also not quite as good version of Larry Hughes.

I feel like the team's next-biggest need is finding a versatile swingman that can take Jarvis Hayes' spot.  I'm expecting Hayes to be gone this offseason, and he was the only other small forward on the roster behind Caron Butler.  A guy like Nick Young or Jared Dudley (a personal favorite of mine) would work here.  

After that, the Wizards can always go big again.  There's a lot of quantity in the frontcourt, but not a lot of quality.  A shot-swatting power forward is probably the team's greatest need, but I doubt it can be filled by the 16th pick.  If the Wizards manage to move up, I think that's the direction they should go.

Agree?  Disagree?  The comments section is your forum.  Discuss.