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Europe Hates the Wizards

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We all know about Juan Carlos Navarro's hefty buyout fee, but apparently he isn't the only European prospect that might have problems making it to the NBA.  Last year's second round pick, Vladimir Veremeenko, might not be suiting up for the Wizards anytime soon either.

According to a Washington Post article, Veremeenko was invited to play in the Las Vegas summer league, but his team looks like they might block the move.  Apparently, he still has "several" years left on his contract, and as a result may find himself in the same quandary as Navarro - wanting to play in the NBA but unable to because his European team doesn't want to take the financial hit.

The good news is that last year's top pick, Oleisky Pecherov, had a buyout clause in his contract and will be at the Summer League in July.