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Playing GM Part II

Quick aside: I probably won't be writing any front-page posts for the next couple days due to finals.  Jake's in charge, and I'll be popping up in the comments section, but nothing more.

This weekend, I asked you all to think of ideas for this offseason.  All the current responses can be found here.  Lots of these were really great (I don't include Paxjax's cries for Nocioni), and I encourage everyone to read them all if you haven't already.  Here are a couple ideas I  found particularly feasible (and yes, one includes mine.  Sorry):

Consider this thread a continuation of brainstorming, but this time, with more definitive salary numbers (e.g. sign DeShawn for 3 years/12 million).  Also, feel free to rate those aformentioned possibilities.  

Here are the key questions that we need to keep in mind.  

  • How much would you re-sign DeShawn for?  
  • If you don't re-sign DeShawn, how do you fill the void at SG?  
  • Should anyone else (Hayes, Mason, Taylor, Ruffin, Booth, etc.) come back, and if so, for how much?  
  • How much would you pay Blatche?  
  • If you were to trade Haywood, how would you simultaneously find a way to upgrade the defense?
  • How much is a guy like Diop worth on the open market?  
  • Who would you use the LLE on?  
  • How can you find a way to dump Etan's contract?  
  • Would you include AD in any deals?  
  • Who do we draft?

These are all questions Ernie Grunfeld needs to answer this offseason.  

(Note: I liked how Josh thought outside the box with Jamison, but didn't include that proposal because I don't think it's going to happen.  If you can think of something clever with Jamison, I'm all ears, but my guess is he's not going anywhere, especially after this postseason.)