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Do it! Do it! Do it!

Blog buddy The Nugg Doctor posted his offseason blueprint for the Nuggets today.  This is ordinairly not significant, but check out the major move he would make (emphasis mine).

Now I know that from the outside looking in it may appear that the Nuggets are getting the short end of the deal by giving up Marcus Camby for the Wizards back-up point guard. But when the luxury cap is considered, plus the return of the nearly un-tradable Kenyon Martin, and the emergence of Nene as a legitimate low post scorer and defender something has to give. I for one am from the school of thought that you sell high and buy low and by trading Marcus Camby for Antonio Daniels, and potentially a first round pick in a future draft, the Nuggets would be doing just that.

I have five words for Ernie Grunfeld if this offer is really on the table.

What are you waiting for!  

If the Wizards could get Marcus Camby, the defensive player of the year, for Antonio Daniels, I might have to throw a Bullets Forever party.  Scratch that, I actually will.  

I can't even begin to understand why this move would actually help Denver.  Yes, Camby is 33 and has a relatively high contract, but AD is in the same boat, and he's not nearly as productive, and he's a guard!  

Then, the Wizards could trade Haywood for a good defensive guard (e.g. John Salmons) and enter next year with a much, much better team.  

I need to stop getting carried away now, but I'm honestly shocked a blogger as insightful as the Nugg Doctor would champion such a move.