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Changes in the front office?

This hardly compares to the turmoil surrounding the Lakers' front office these days, but assistant GM Tommy Sheppard was interviewed for the open Sonics GM job today.

Sheppard was the subject of a fantastic SI piece earlier this year, and everything I've heard indicates that he's just as essential as Ernie Grunfeld in the Wizards' personnel operations.

Ivan Carter, in his blog today, says Sheppard is not the favorite (he described him as a "darkhorse"), but is still very much in the running.

As much as I wish the guy the best of luck in his career, I really hope he isn't hired.  These next two offseasons are arguably the most important ones in franchise history.  It would really hurt the team if Sheppard left during one of them.

With that being said, I'd certainly support him if he gets the job, and I definitely think Seattle will flourish with him.  But considering the tough decisions that await this team, it'll pay to have his expertise.

HT: DC Pro Sports Report