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Playing GM: Agent Zero?

In Gilbert Arenas's latest blog, he updates his recovery progress like always.  Arenas also talks about his new shoe, the Gil 20.  You might be wondering why he's jumping all the way from the Gil 0 to the Gil 20.  Well apparently, there's going to be 20 different versions of the shoe with different versions being released in the different cities he plays in.

The most interesting part of his latest blog is when he starts talking about the draft, he talks about what he thinks Portland should do now that they have the top pick, he then goes on and talks about who he thinks the Wizards should draft:

I want an aggressive scorer. We don't have a scorer coming off the bench. We don't have somebody who is aggressive whose mindset is shoot-first coming off. We need somebody coming off there so when we put me, Caron and Antawn on the sidelines, we have somebody who can still light it up. My first year it was Juan Dixon. He came off and he just sparked us. So I think that's what we need. We need a flat-out shooter and we need a scorer and we need a scrappy five - just a scrappy big man, just somebody who can just come in and just lay fouls down coming off the bench. If we get that, then we'll be fine.

Personally, that's what I think we need. I don't know if that's what our GM, Ernie Grunfeld thinks he needs. That ain't my job.

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