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Random Insights

To start things off, here's a newly released Gilbert Arenas mix I found, that does a good job of chronicling Arenas from last year's playoffs to now, note what Donyell Marshall is doing while Lebron is hitting the second game winner:

Not to steal ideas form Seth or anything, but does the guy from this Century 21 ad look like Caron Butler to you?  Seriously, 15 years from now when Caron is doing a commercial for some car dealership, tell me he won't look like this:

Finally, here are my picks for how the draft lottery goes down tonight, if you want to take your own shot at it, don't hesitate to post a comment.  There's no prizes or anything, but it's always fun to see how good people are at guessing stuff.  I'm only posting the top 3, because those are the only spots determined by the ping pong balls, after that the remaining 11 spots are based on W-L record:


While most people feel that Greg Oden would go number 1, most Wizards feel that Kevin Durant should be the top guy.  I'm still kind of on the fence, but leaning more towards Oden at this point.