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Player evaluation: Calvin Booth

In an era defined by the exploding market for mediocre big men (which I move to coin the Jim McIlvaine era), Calvin Booth was one of the first centers to be significantly overpaid after signing a ridiculous contract with Seattle after the 2001 season.  He's still reaping the benefits of that contract, albeit not from the Wizards, who got him after Milwaukee dumped him with the amnesty clause.  Since he's been here, Booth has been about what you'd expect.  He's a serviceable third center that doesn't play much and isn't very good, but can fill in when absolutely necessary.  He did so admirably at times this year, and even provided a little jolt of energy, particularly in the first Seattle game and the second Houston game (remember when Etan and Haywood both got hurt, and Booth hit that random three-pointer?).  

Of course, he's incredibly limited as a player, and he is a free agent that will command around 1 million even if he signs for the minimum.  But personally, I'd like to see him back.  It's always nice to have a big guy at the end of your bench, and it's nicer to have it be a veteran whose been around this league.  Booth also fits in well with the Wizards offensive scheme, and played pretty well when asked this year.

Plus, we might not see incredible videos like this one anymore if he's gone.