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Post Game 4/Offseason links

The Wizards season ends, and the outbreaking of reflection begins.

Mike Wise called the end of the season "a shame," and Thomas Boswell said basically the same thing in different words.  Michael Wilbon writes about the redemption of Larry Hughes, and Agent Bog looks back at the Wizards crazy locker room both here and here.

Meanwhile, Jon Siegel looks at Antawn Jamison in this series, Tom Knott rips into Brendan Haywood (shocking, I know) and says that Arenas is the key moving forward (wait, really?  Unbelievable).  Commissioner David Stern backs the new arena proposal, and we learn that Jamison and Arenas will not play for Team USA.  

The Post also gives some keys to the offseason, and mentiones five possible free agent signings.  Gerald Wallace (too expensive), DeSagana Diop (very intriguing), Ruben Patterson (too old), James Posey (very intriguing at the right price), and Mikki Moore (too much of a fluke.  Scouts Inc (Insider) also goes over the Wizards offseason prospects, and says the Wizards need to look towards 2008 with their moves.

DC Sports Blog reviews the playoff series with kind words for Jamison, AD, and Blatche and scathing words for Stevenson, Hayes, and Etan.  Empty the Bench says the Wizards center position needs a makeover, and predicts they'll draft a center at the 16 spot.  Fear the Sword grades the Cavaliers Round 1 performance, giving A+s to LeBron and Big Z.  The Painted Area says it's time for the Wizards to bring over Juan Carlos Navarro, and Brian Windhorst reminds the Cavaliers not to take this series for granted.  

Finally, Kelly Dwyer praises AD and says the Wizards offensive performance without their two best stars will serve them well next year.  

If you have any more links, put 'em in the comments section.