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Pollin': Best Gilbert Arenas Performance

In a vote that was shocking to absolutely no one, the Raptors win, aided by Morris Peterson's last second heave to tie the game against the Wizards was voted as the most gut-wrenching loss of the year. Here's an interview from the game, note Mo Pete's stat line:

1 minute, 1 steal, 1 hail mary. I'm officially designating Peterson as Toronto's Doug Flutie specialist, seeing as how that's apparently all he does.

In this week's vote, you get to choose what you think was the best single-game performance by Gilbert Arenas this year. Your nominees are...

Gilbert vs. Milwaukee
32 pts. 11 reb. 8 ast. 4 stl. Oh, and this:

Gilbert vs. Utah
51 points and 5 assists against a Western Conference finalist. Oh, and this:

Gilbert v. Seattle
42 points and 7 assists. Oh, and this too:

Gilbert v. L.A.
60 points, including an NBA record 16 in overtime. He also managed to make a few friends while doing it.:

Gilbert v. Phoenix
Went for 54 points and ended Phoenix's 15 game winning streak.

Neither Blazer game counts, since as far as I can remember, the Blazer games never happened and Gilbert Arenas never got injured.