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Maybe they should consider a better endorser...

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One of the few times you'll see Lebron on Bullets Forever

I'm not a subscriber to any magazine, I don't really have the money to fund a subscription to any magazine but occasionally if I have some extra dough I might pick up a magazine or two.  One of the magazines in this little pseudo collection is an issue of SLAM from August '03.  Just to give you a little perspective on the time, one article was an interview with Lebron about declaring for the NBA draft.  Another was Scoop Jackson arguing for why Garnett was more deserving of MVP than Duncan.

SLAM's High School All-American Team looked like this:
Lebron James
Luol Deng
Ndudi Ebi
Shannon Brown
Sebastian Telfair

At the same time that this came out, Gilbert Arenas was just coming off winning the NBA's Most Improved Player Award which naturally leads to some endorsement deals.  One of those endorsements got him a full page ad in the August '03 issue.  I took notice of it because it's not something that you would think Gilbert would be a good spokesperson for (well at least half of it anyway).  Here's the scan of the ad, I'd just post it here but it's really big and if I scaled it down I'm not sure you'd be able to see the text.

I don't think there's really anything I can say to follow that, if you all want speculate worse endorsers for a product, feel free to leave a comment.