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Video Correspondent:: Interviews and Random Whatnot

NOTE: Make sure to check out the latest nominee to the Just Call Me Juice's Terrible Jersey Hall of Fame, a must read for any Wizard fan.

Before we get into the YouTubing goodness, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that on Wizards' official blog they have the Top 10 Wizards Plays of the Season up, so check it out

Gilbert Arenas has the innate ability to leave interviewers with one great quote or moment that gives them something worth writing about.  With all his great moments, some are bound to fall through the cracks.  Here are some Agent Zero interviews that you might not have seen but still are good for a laugh or two.

Arenas explains his role on the team, which apparently is keeping Chris Bosh from getting rebounds.

Here he you know, tries to you know, collect his thoughts because you know it's hard to be original after a loss you know?

If you can count how many times he says "you know" than...well, you're really good at counting.  Anyways, in this St. Patrick's day interview, Gil shows off his Irish pride...kind of.

Finally, as some of you may remember I posted what Antonio Daniels thought about Andrei Kirilenko coming to D.C. to help the Wizards' terrible defense.  While I still feel that he would be a great addition if we could get a hold of him, Baron Davis offers his rebuttal.