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Pollin': Most Gut-Wrenching Loss of the Year

Last week, with a convincing 61% of the vote you chose Caron Butler's epic posterization of 2 time defensive player of the year, Alonzo Mourning.

In all, dunks from Caron accounted for 95% of the vote, with Gilbert's dunk on the trampoline taking the other 5%.

This week, we turn to something a little more sobering. The Wizards had many dramatic wins this season, but for all the great wins they had they also found themselves on the other side of a buzzer beater just as many times. Here are your choices for the most gut-wrenching loss of the year...

1) Steve Francis recovers from the depths of mediocrity to win the game

2) Vince Carter using the new ball to its fullest extent

3) Morris Peterson's Hail Mary

4) Udonis Haslem reveals that he can score

5) Arenas leaves his swag on the bus

6) Other

Chicago State beating UMKC is not an acceptable answer for "other", seeing as how neither team is the Wizards.