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Cavaliers 97, Wizards 90

Well, I can't say this was an unpredictable way to go out, considering the events of the last two months.

I'm too tired to write the season obituary at this point, but tonight wasn't surprising at all, right down to DeShawn's 0-8, 0 point line.  

While the season may be over, Bullets Forever isn't going anywhere.  Jake and I will continue to update the site as regularly as usual, and at times, perhaps even more regularly.  This is the season for rumors and speculation, after all.  The playoff contest will continue, and I promise update the standings when I wake up tomorrow (which might be like 4 PM).  Posting might get a bit sporadic over the next couple days, just because Jake and I are burned out and preparing for our finals, but we'll still be here, and I hope you guys will be too.

For now though, this is the official end of the season thread.  Post away.