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Nets 120, Wizards 114

It was like an ACC game back in 1997.  College teammates Vince Carter and Antawn Jamison put on a show last night.

I hate that jerk Carter (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

It's almost a minor miracle that this was a game.  The Nets shot well, got an incredible amount of open looks, and dominated the glass.  The only reason the Wizards stuck around was that they turned the Nets over 25 times.  Jason Kidd nearly achieved a strange quadruple double, with 10 points, 16 rebounds, 18 assists, and 9 turnovers.

I'm not all that concerned with the two triple doubles by Kidd and Carter.  Not only was it an overtime game, but they both played over 40 minutes, and were dominating the ball most of the time.  Even though Kidd got all those numbers, it never felt like he was controlling the game, and I was actually shocked when it was announced he got the triple-double.  Maybe that's part of Kidd's genius, because he dominates in ways you don't notice, but it just didn't feel like he had that great of a game.

Carter's incredible performance also doesn't really bother me.  He hit some really tough shots, and I personally would rather see him shoot 13 threes and only 9 free throws.  He was just making them, and I don't think there was much DeShawn Stevenson could do.  

What's far more concerning to me is inside.  Etan Thomas was a complete non-factor on both ends of the court.  He only grabbed 6 rebounds, and didn't even attempt a shot!  Jason Collins and Mikki Moore just beat him up inside all game on both ends.  It was one of those games that exposed all of Etan's limitations.  He can be pushed around, and he over pursues defensively.  Many of those open threes were a direct result of the perimeter players overcompensating for Etan's poor rotations.  

I also have to give Jarvis Hayes props for a really good game.  I don't think it will happen again, because he was shooting a lot of jumpers, but on a night where nobody else was scoring consistently, that was very good to see.  And I never though I'd say this, but Eddie made a bad decision in sitting Jarvis early in the overtime.  Without his scoring, the Wizards went three minutes without scoring.  Tell me again why Darius Songaila was a better option at that point?

I'm confident that the Wizards can return the favor at the phone booth.  The Nets shot incredibly from the field and still only won in overtime.  If they aren't shooting quite as well, the Wizards will win.  Guaranteed