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Group Project Time

NOTE: Gilbert Arenas and Caron Butler's injuries might prematurely end the Wizards season, but we're not going to let it end the Bullets Forever group project.  Six Five series are still open, so sign up in the comments.  I really hope we can put this thing together.

Barring an unforseen collapse, the Wizards are going to make the playoffs for the third year in a row.  For a franchise that has not been very successful recently, that's a pretty good accomplishment.  

25 years ago, four years after Bullets Fever (the old name for this blog) captured DC with the Bullets shocking 1978 finals victory over Seattle, the Bullets made the conference semifinals.  Since then, the Bullets have played nine playoff series, reaching the conference semifinals only once in 2004-05.  Making the playoffs for three straight years is quite an accomplishment for this franchise, considering our past.  

So, in culmination of this impending playoff appearance, and as a reminder of the awful history of this franchise, we're going to profile each of the previous 9 playoff series as a group.  Over the next couple weeks, as the Wizards prepare for their first round opponent, these series profiles will go up on the main page as memories of our franchise's past.

But this isn't just something I'm going to do.  Instead, we're going to do this together.  Hopefully, as a group, we can have one user recapping each of the nine playoff series.  If you need help, Basketball Reference and Database Basketball have individual game results and some box scores, going all the way back to the 80s.  

Here are the nine playoff series.  Sign up for one of them in the comments.  

  • 1983/84: Boston Celtics 3, Washington Bullets 1

  • 1984/85: Philadelphia 76ers 3, Washington Bullets 1

  • 1985/86: Philadelphia 76ers 3, Washington Bullets 2

  • 1986/87: Detroit Pistons 3, Washington Bullets 0

  • 1987/88: Detroit Pistons 3, Washington Bullets 2-JakeTheSnake

  • 1996/97: Chicago Bulls 3, Washington Bullets 0-Pradamaster

  • 2004/05: Washington Wizards 4, Chicago Bulls 2-sierradave

  • 2004/05: Miami Heat 4, Washington Wizards 0

  • 2005/06: Cleveland Cavaliers 4, Washington Wizards 2-Spence

I'm taking the 1996/97 series, but the other 8 are up for grabs.  Let me know in the comments which one you want.  Hopefully, nobody will have to double up.

Update [2007-4-6 12:16:20 by Pradamaster]: Because I wrote this post a while ago, and simply timestapped it to the front, comments were disabled.  SB Nation does this on old posts to prevent spamming.  They should work now, because I cut and pasted the text into a new post.  If they don't, let me know.