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Bill Livingston, a writer for Cleveland's "The Plain Dealer" newspaper had an interesting column out yesterday about Wizards fans.  You can't read the whole thing without a subscription, but the thing worth reading is available:

They are calling it a playoff series, but it certainly sounds, acts, and feels like the regular season. Even the hoopla is muted.

The Wizards' "White-Out Towels" were barely waved during player introductions. Then, with NBA TV finally focusing on the arena, the "Me, whee!" elements in the crowd rose a-twirling, hoping to steal some face time on television.

If you want a visual of the pregame intro, check out the Wizards' official blog here. The towels weren't really out in force, but I think the fans were using them to shield their eyes from this:

Asked what he felt about the performance, Sanjaya said, "Seeing as how I know nothing about singing, I can't really comment."

Anyways, what do you all think?  Is our fan base as bad as Livingston is making it out to be?  Is it just bad because both of our all-stars are injured?  Is Livingston just trying to fire up Cleveland?  Will Lebron bolt the Cavs to sign with Virgin Records?  Feel free to comment.