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Open Thread: Playoff Game 4

Playoff Game 4
Cavaliers (3-0) at Wizards (0-3)
Verizon Center
7 PM
NBATV (Dammit!)

Game 1: Cavaliers 97, Wizards 82.
Game 2: Cavaliers 109, Wizards 102.
Game 3: Cavaliers 98, Wizards 92.

What began as a season of so much promise is down to it's last game.  I had a feeling that the Wizards were a flawed team, even as they were tearing through the league in December and January.  Even when they ascended to the top spot in the East, the writing was on the wall.  But I could not have imagined the season ending like this.

We all know the storylines at this point.  Jamison has to be spectacular.  DeShawn and Jarvis have to hit some shots.  Etan and Brendan need to provide quality minutes.  AD needs to keep doing his thing.  Songaila needs to stretch the defense.  Eddie needs to not get caught with no rebounders in the game at the end.  Some of these storylines will end up successfully, and others will not, but we don't know which ones will be which.

The Wizards have a lot of pride, and I know they won't want to have their season end on their home court for the third year in a row.  But pride can't do anything if you can't hit open shots.  You can say pride ignited that run in the third quarter the other day, but really, it was just a couple long jumpers by Jamison that boosted team morale.

Win or lose, I'm proud that they fought hard, and this game, or this series, should not have much bearing on the offseason ahead.  But it's still an incredibly disappointing way to have the season end, even if it is extended for a couple more games.

I'm not sure how much of this game I can follow, because I have a huge paper due tomorrow, but I'll try to check in from time to time.  Keep this thread going while I'm gone.

Here are your lines:

Cavaliers at Wizards: Cavs by 6.
Over/Under on Cleveland's rebounding advantage: +6.

Jazz at Rockets: Rockets by 6.
Over/Under on T-Mac's points: 24.

Spurs at Nuggets: Spurs by 1.5.
Over/Under on total points scored: 180.

This is an open game thread, so post any thoughts on games here.