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Introducing...The SB Nation Reader's Choice MVP

The votes are in and tallied, and the SB Nation reader's pick for Most Valuable Player is...

Steve Nash.

In one of the closer votes of the six awards, Nash edged former teammate Dirk Nowitzki to win his third straight MVP award.  There's already considerable dissent on the topic, and it's definitely justified, but at the very least, the SB Nation readers didn't give the award to the fans.

Here's the final tally:

Steve Nash: 132
Dirk Nowitzki: 110
Tim Duncan: 47
Kobe Bryant: 32
Tracy McGrady: 26
LeBron James: 9
Ben Gordon: 6
Luol Deng: 6
Kirk Hinrich: 2
Chauncey Billups: 1
Jason Kidd: 1
Shawn Marion: 1
Dwight Howard: 1
Deron Williams: 1

This concludes the first annual SB Nation Reader's Choice Awards.  Thanks for all who participated.  As we always say, these blogs are about you, and it's really great to see all you guys help out with this project.