Arenas on NBA Live 08 cover

As Jackpitt mentioned in the comments section, it appears Gilbert Arenas' big announcement was spoiled today by the Washington Times.

Arenas has been selected to be on the cover of NBA Live 2008.  Apparently, he edged out LeBron James for the honor, which is a sort of silver lining for last year's opening-round series loss.  

Normally, this would concern me greatly, but this isn't the Madden Curse.  Last year's cover guy was Tracy McGrady.  The year before, it was Dwayne Wade.  The year before that, it was Carmelo Anthony.  None of those players suffered injuries during the year they were the cover boy.

Interestingly enough, this marks the second straight year that the guy on the cover is coming off a season-ending injury.  T-Mac, of course, had back problems last year.

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