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SB Nation Reader's Choice Results

I have no time for anything substantial today, so be sure to check out the latest Video Correspondent, and if you have a take on an article or any piece of news, post it in the diaries section, and I'll try to promote it if I feel so inclined.

Instead, I just wanted to point you to the results of the SB Nation Reader's Choice Awards, or at least those that are already up.

Unsurprisingly, Brandon Roy won Rookie of the Year in a landslide, finishing with over 100 points more than second-place Andrea Bargnani.  Among those also receiving votes was J.J. Redick, who somehow got a third-place vote from somewhere.

Phoenix's Leandro Barbosa took home the sixth man award pretty comfortably over Manu Ginobili.  Also receiving votes, thanks to sierradave, were Jarvis Hayes, Steve Francis, and Shavlik Randolph.  At least we made our presence felt.

Bloggers really love Kevin Martin, and the SB Nation contingent proved it by electing him as their most improved player.  Martin beat out Utah's Deron Williams to earn the award.  You can't scream Sactown bias here, because TZ forgot to post the thread for this award.  Interestingly enough, it was the third-place finisher, Monta Ellis, that actually won the award.

Finally (for now), Sam Mitchell has won the Coach of the Year award, both in real life and on here.  Unfortunately, ClipperSteve decided not to count my 31st-place vote for Eddie Jordan.  Oh well.

Posting and Toasting should be posting the defensive player of the year later today, and then I'll be posting the MVP award tomorrow.