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So remember how we were going to have a postseason contest that included every game?  I totally forgot about it these last couple days.

Not really sure why it slipped my mind, but rest assured, it'll continue again starting tomorrow.  I'll try to get the current standings up as soon as I can, but I can't promise when because I'm absolutely swamped.

Anyway, since this game didn't start yet, you're free to make picks on it.

Lakers at Suns: Suns by 9.
Over/Under on Kobe's points: 35.

Also, I know I've been slow to mail out the posters to the winners of the regular season contest.  One of you has sent me their contact info, and the other hasn't.  If you're the other (you know who you are), be sure to do that.

Back tomorrow.  In the meantime, talk amongst yourselves.