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No I didn't save 15% on my car insurance

But there is still some good news despite yesterday's loss.

  • I know it's still the same back and forth on whether he'll go or not, but Caron really wants to play.
  • Lebron tweaked his ankle in the game yesterday, while it didn't stop him then, most injuries don't truly set in until the day after.  As Lebron himself put it:
"It is definitely going to hurt a lot [Monday], I know," said James, who finished with 23 points on 7-of-14 shooting with nine rebounds and seven assists in 44 minutes. "This isn't the first time having an ankle sprain. The best thing about it is, we don't play until Wednesday so I get enough time to get a little bit of rest and see how it feels.
Here's the link to that story, along with some other tidbits from Game 1.

Finally, Washington's D-League affiliate, the Dakota Wizards, are in the title game.  I haven't really been able to find out which team owns the rights to which player yet (Dakota is owned by both the Wizards and the Bulls) but don't be surprised if at some time or another a player or two from this team finds their way into a Washington Wizards uniform.