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Open Thread: Playoff Game 1

Playoffs Game 1
Wizards (41-41) at Cavaliers (50-32)
Quicken-Loans Arena
12:30 PM

Everything about this series has already been said.  Now, it's time to shine.  It's time to shock the world!

Your lines:

Wizards at Cavs: Cavs by 12.
Over/Under on Wizard free throws: 20.

Lakers at Suns: Suns by 10.5.
Over/Under on Kobe's shots: 25.

Nuggets at Spurs: Spurs by 8.5.
Over/Under on Iverson and Melo: 53 points.

Warriors at Mavericks: Warriors by 10.
Over/Under on total score: 220.

This is your open game thread, so let's shock the world!