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Introducing: Bullets Forever's Playoff Contest

If you weren't able to pick in the Bullets Forever regular-season readers contest, feat not.  I'll be giving away another prize to the winner of the official Bullets Forever postseason contest.

It basically works the same way as the regular-season one, except this time, you pick all other games in addition to just Wizards ones.  Wizard games, however, are worth double the points of regular games, meaning if you get either the spread or the over/under I set, you get 2 points instead of 1.  

We kind of got started late, because of the Toronto game happening as we speak, but here are the other games and lines for today (the over/unders are entirely subjective, sorry).

Heat at Bulls: Bulls by 4.
Over/Under on Dwayne Wade free throws: 14.

Magic at Pistons: Pistons by 9.5.
Over/Under on Dwight Howard rebounds: 12.

Jazz at Rockets: Rockets by 6.
Over/Under on Tracy McGrady threes: 5.

This is an open game thread for Saturday's games, so feel the excitement!

Update [2007-4-21 12:53:57 by Pradamaster]: For the record, my playoff picks are as follows:

Pistons in 5
Cavs in 5
Raptors in 6
Bulls in 6
Mavericks in 6
Suns in 4
Spurs in 7
Rockets in 5