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Site Updates

A couple quick site updates to get you ready for Sunday:

First of all, you might have noticed some sidebar rearrangement happening here in the past couple weeks.  The most important addition is the staff box.  JakeTheSnake now not only has an official title as "video correspondent," but he also will be providing news updates and such from time to time.  All it means is that there's more front-page coverage of your favorite team as we go into the playoffs, and eventually the offseason.  

Secondly, you'll notice that I got rid of a couple blocks (the draft order one, for instance), and added a box with all the links for the SB Nation Reader's Choice Awards.  Remember, you can vote on any of them until midnight Monday.

Finally, here's what to expect for the next couple days:

  • A quick Q&A with a Cavs blogger.  Not going to tell you who yet, but he has ties to SB Nation.

  • A breakdown of when the Wizards have the ball, and when the Cavaliers have the ball.  Basically, a scouting report.

  • The introduction to the playoff contest.

  • Spence might give us one look back at last year's series, if he's up for it.

Basically, stay tuned to Bullets Forever for some kickass playoff coverage, even if many have already thrown in the towel.