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Contest/Pool updates

There are only ten games left in the regular season.  Why is this significant?

Because that means tomorrow's game is your last chance to jump into the Bullets Forever regular season pick 'em contest.  Participants must pick a minimum of ten Wizards games for both categories.

In case you don't know how this works, here's a quick synopsis:

Before each game, I post an open thread with a couple of lines.  First, you pick which team will cover the spread in any Wizards game.  Then, you pick whether the Big 3 (now the Big 2) will go over or under their season average.  

Simple, right?

At the end of the season, whoever picks the highest percentage of games and over/unders correctly will each win a free Gilbert Arenas vs. the Jazz poster.  

Here are the current standings of those already eligible.


  • 1. SETH: 67% (12-6)

  • 2. JAKE THE SNAKE: 63% (27-16-1)

  • 3. BIG EASY: 60% (6-4)

  • 4. PRADAMASTER: 57% (26-20-1)

  • 5. SIRNAZY: 56% (9-7-1)

  • 6. SIERRADAVE: 56% (10-8-1)

  • 7. THEHYPE: 41% (13-18-1)

  • 8. STEELERS1016: 33% (4-8-1)


  • 1. SETH: 57% (8-6)

  • 2. PRADAMASTER: 54% (25-21-1)

  • 3. SIERRADAVE: 50% (9-9-1)

  • 4. JAKE THE SNAKE: 47% (20-23-1)

  • 5. STEELERS1016: 45% (5-6-1)
  • 6. THEHYPE: 43% (13-17-1)

  • 7. sirnazy: 36% (5-9-1)

  • 8. BIG EASY: 25% (2-8)

The following people still have to pick to become eligible:

  • 1.  thebigc1982: 1 more in each.

  • 2.  Mac G: 2 more games, 4 more over/unders.

  • 3.  And None: 3 more games, 4 more over/unders.

  • 4.  facedkr: 4 more in each.

  • 5.  Gilbertology: 5 more in each.

  • 6.  Vanilla Gorilla: 7 more games, 8 more over/unders.

  • 7.  Unsilent Majority: 7 more games, 8 more over/unders.

  • 8.  mistersean: 8 more of each.

  • 9.  depressed fan, Sick of Arenas, BrightSideoftheSun, seanjohn, josh, SupermanSeven: 9 more of each.

Once you are eliminated from contention, I'm taking your name down from the standings on the sidebar.  Pick games in every open thread.

If you miss out, however, on the regular-season contest, fear not, because there will be a postseason one as well.  It'll include every team (not just the Wizards), and you get a fresh start, so standings from the regular season don't carry over.

Also, tonight marks the end of the Bullets Forever March Madness pool.  First place is still in the balance.  If Ohio State wins, B Farr out (yahoo username: jamesbrettfar...who is this?) will win.  But if Florida wins, then steelers1016 (Girls Like it Ruffin) takes home the prize.  Remember, the prize is a free post in the diaries that I have to promote, no matter the subject matter.

Update [2007-4-2 20:54:25 by Pradamaster]:: By the way, this also doubles as the championship game thread, in case it wasn't clear. Root for a bad game from Corey Brewer, thereby dropping his draft stock just enough so he'll fall to the Wizards.