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Playoff links

Some pre-playoff links and predictions for Wiz-Cavs II:

  • Washington Post: Wizards are underdogs, but they're confident.
  • Wizards Insider: Starting 5 will not change.
  • Washington Times: Jarvis Hayes is excited to play.
  • Post blog: Don't expect to see Caron in the first round.
  • Marc Stein: Wizards-Cavs series is the seventh-most interesting series of the first round.  He also says the Cavs will sweep, adding that there probably won't be any close games.  
  • Chris Mannix: Look for Anderson Varejao to be a major difference-maker in this series.
  • DC Sports Bog: Pluses and minuses of playing Cleveland instead of Toronto or Chicago.
  • Les Bullez: Stupid mistakes will cost Wizards once again.
  • DC Optimist: 5 reasons the Wizards will sweep.
  • Marcel Mutoni/Fanhouse: "No one is giving a chance to the Wiz in this series, and rightfully so. It should be a cakewalk for LeBron and company."

Basically, the Wizards are the heavy underdogs.  But you probably knew that already.