Simmons NBA Column, Gil mention

Simmons finally gives Gilbert some love but in true chowderhead fashion, he has to conclude with a parting cheap shot. I wish on his next trip to Fenway, Simmons would get pizza thrown at him.

10. Gilbert Arenas
His breakout season as a superstar included a nickname ("Agent Zero"), a catch phrase ("Hibachi!"), an overall philosophy ("Gilbertology"), a consistent hook (an inordinate amount of big shots), a Hall of Fame YouTube clip (the one where he beats DeShawn Stevenson in a shooting contest with one hand), and even a groundbreaking creation (his entertaining blog on that included an enlightening opus by about how he felt misunderstood by the media). Maybe those things didn't make him the MVP, but they definitely made him the most memorable star of the season. We need more Gilberts in sports. Whether he'd be fun to play basketball with ... that's another story.

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