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Presenting: The SB Nation Reader's Choice Awards

This week marks the final week of the NBA's regular season, and with it comes the annual speculation on who should win the season-ending awards.  Different sites have handled this different ways.  Some choose to take a look back at their preseason picks, while others have decided to go bold with their predictions.

Naturally, we here at SB Nation have a different approach to this whole thing.  That approach is to turn the entire process over to you, the readers.

Our network is only as strong as the devoted (and casual) community members who frequent these sites.  Every site is specifically designed with you in mind, and it is because of you guys that our entire network has become so successful.  

So as a reward for your support, we're turning the responsibility of voting for our network awards over to you.

Here's how this will work:

Over the next six days, you will have the chance to vote on six key awards (MVP, Rookie of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Coach of the Year, 6th Man of the Year, and Most Improved Player).  Each of our twelve sites will be posting open threads where you can cast your vote.  In case you don't know all the blogs on our network, here's a list:

Each of the twelve sites will be posting an open thread for a different award over the next six days.  You may vote at any of the 12 sites.  For each category, we ask that you list your top 3 in order.  First-place votes are worth 3 points, second-place 2, and third-place one.  

The voting will close for each award on midnight Monday night.  At that point, each site will tally up the points, and we will then add the totals of all twelve sites to figure out the winners of each category.

We'll then unveil the winners, starting next Tuesday.  Here's a tentative schedule to look for.

  • Tuesday, April 24: Green Bandwagon will unveil the winner of the Rookie of the Year Award.

  • Wednesday, April 25: Indy Cornrows will reveal the Most Improved Player, and Blazers Edge will present the 6th Man award.

  • Thursday, April 26: Posting and Toasting will present the Defensive Player of the Year, and then Clips Nation will tell you the Coach of the Year.

  • Friday, April 27: Come right back here to learn who won the Most Valuable Player.

Again, you can vote at any of the sites for any award up to midnight Monday night.  There are only a couple ground rules:

1.  You may vote only one time on one site for each award.  For example, Paxson Jackson (sorry, couldn't resist) cannot vote for the MVP at Blogabull and then sneak onto Posting and Toasting and then vote for the MVP there too.  You can vote on six different sites if you want, but you can't vote for the same award twice.  

2.  All votes should be in the appropriate thread.

3.  YOU MUST put a top 3 for any award you wish to vote for.

4.  No ties.

5.  All votes must be in by midnight Monday.

[Sidenote: If there is anyone that has graphic design skills and can create a cool logo for this extravaganza, let me know, and we'll credit you with the logo]

Any questions?  Ask 'em here.  Remember, these are your awards, and while we're also going to be voting, our vote counts only as much as yours.  You guys are the backbone of this network.

The open threads will begin tomorrow with the Rookie of the Year.  Stay tuned for that.