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SB Nation Reader's Choice Awards: Rookie of the Year

What is this?

Vote here on who you think should win Rookie of the Year.  Remember to put your top three choices, and be sure to take this thing seriously (i.e., don't vote for Oleisky Pecherov or Vladimir Veremeeko).  

Vote away!

Update [2007-4-17 15:12:13 by Pradamaster]: You can also vote on Posting and Toasting and Green Bandwagon. Once other sites get their threads up, I'll mention them here.

Update [2007-4-17 20:29:38 by Pradamaster]: Clips Nation also has their thread up. Everyone else is evidently sleeping.

Update [2007-4-17 23:9:7 by Pradamaster]: Blogabull and Indy Cornrows are all set. I've also just realized that keeping up with all of this is really silly, but I need something to do after tonight's debacle.