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Bone Healing Machine?

Update [2007-4-17 14:58:31 by Pradamaster]: The Times is now reporting that a first-round return is still not out of the question.

"I guess Game 3 or 4 might be possible," Butler said. "I will go from there and see what I can do. They had been saying the best case was the second round. I will give it a try and see what I can do. Hopefully, it will be sooner."


According to an report Caron Butler might be able to make a comeback this season.

One round too late.

"There's definitely a chance," Butler said. "I'm trying to get my cast off probably as early as next Monday. So the second round -- that's what we're looking at."

So it looks like, barring a miraculous first round upset, Butler is done for the year.  Though you'd have to think that if went to Game 7 he'd find some way to play in that game.

While it is nice to know Tough Juice's injury status, the part of the story that really caught my eye was this.

Butler took part in practice Monday, using only his left hand to make passes to DeShawn Stevenson or to hoist up jump shots. Butler had what he called a "bone-healing machine" attached to his right hand, a contraption he said "sends waves to the bone and helps it heal faster."

2 things here:

  1. Apparently Gil isn't the only one who likes to shoot one-handed.
  2. Waves heal bones?
That's about it, if you have a drawing or some other depiction of a bone healing machine, feel free to leave a comment.

[Update]: According to the Bog, it looks like this, I still don't buy it. For more of recap on Butler's injury recap check out the Bog's practice notes.