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This (sorta) means war

So you may have noticed that the results of the recent poll have been skewed a bit.  Specifically, you may have noticed that, suddenly, a lot of people want to play the Bulls in the first round of the playoffs.  This is really strange considering the Bulls are the highest seed of the teams on there, but it's even stranger after today's 33 point blowout.

So who's the culprit behind this?  It's none other than readers of Blogabull, our network's Chicago Bulls site.

Just check out this comment by Blogabull regular Paxson Jackson after today's blowout.  He made light of the poll and then said he voted for the Bulls.  He then provided a link to the site, and since then, seven other people have voted for the Bulls.

Honestly, this passive-aggressiveness simply will not stand!  It's one thing to blow out our team by 33 points, but it's another to tamper with our poll question.

So what's the course of action?  Well, I like Blogabull too much to condone name-calling at their users.  And even though Paxson Jackson is behind this little prank, his strange sarcastic demeanor does get a kick out of me from time to time.  Matt also was pretty sympathetic when I brought up the topic on tonight's SB Nation Sports Report, so it would just be mean to call him names.  Also, it's not like we have much to say on the game itself, because we did lose by 33 points.

So instead, I'm opening the floor to any and all jokes on the Chicago Bulls franchise.  Jake and I already started on the Big Mac/Michael Sweetney angle in the last thread, so let's keep it up here.  

Got a joke about Tyrus Thomas' dunk-contest comments?  Say it here.  Have something to say about Ben Wallace and headbandgate?  Say it here.  Any Scott Skiles jokes?  Put 'em here as well.

Because this (sorta) means war.  You do not mess with Bullets Forever's poll question and get away with it.