Video Correspondant: ACC Edition

The ACC has a rich basketball tradition that has permeated every team in the NBA in some way or another.  So this week's videos all feature Wizards both past and present while they played in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

I got the idea for this week after Prada mentioned how Sunday's game was like a 1997 all over again. So to start things off, here's a clip of Anwawn Jamison with Vince Carter before the draft where oddly enough, they would be traded for each other.

I was debating on using a Juan Dixon clip here, but decided against it.  Instead, here's a clip of Laron Profit, who wore #3 at Maryland before Dixon and played 3 years with the Wizards, from 99-01 and the 04-05 season.

Profit hit that game winner against Wake Forest who two years before had a phenomenal guard by the name of Randolph Childress who had arguably the greatest ACC tournament performance ever, scoring over 30 points in all 3 games and hit the game winner in the championship against North Carolina.  While he never played for the Bullets/Wizards, he left a lasting impression on Jeff McInnis who went on to play for Wizards in 1999.

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