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Arenas blog update

Earlier in the day, it seemed like, due to his season-ending injury, Gilbert Arenas would be booted from being the feature blogger, with Chris Bosh taking his place.  

But fear not, because, even through injury, Arenas is blogging away.  Today's revelation?  He's bored of not playing.

I'm BORED. Oh man, I'm soooo bored. I've never been so bored in my life.

It's worse when you really can't walk to do anything. I can't walk to play with my daughter, I got to sit there and that's so boring. She'll jump up and down for 10 and a half seconds and then she wants to go play somewhere else.

The only thing I get to do is play with my son because he's in the same predicament I am - he's an infant, he can't use his legs either.

We also learn about his jersey giveaway, get a rehab update, hear some funny get-well wishes he's received, and listen to an anecdote about his dad.  He also welcomes Bosh to the blogging family, saying he can't recall Bosh saying more than six words to him ever.  

More ironically, and this is kind of depressing, Arenas says he doesn't even watch every minute of any of the games.

Unfortunately, I've been catching glimpses of my team.

I try to watch the good parts ... so I won't watch the last four or five minutes. I'll watch the good part of the game.

Add that to the list of what makes Gilbert Arenas like any other Wizards fan.