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Open Thread and Contest: Game 78

Regular Season Game 78
Wizards (39-38) at Heat (42-36)
American Airlines Arena
7:30 PM

Previous Results:
Wizards 106, Heat 95.
Heat 92, Wizards 83.
Heat 106, Wizards 104.

Apologies for no full-fledged recap of last night's game, but I think we all know the stories by now.  Why was Stevenson taking those last 2 shots?  What happened to the defense in the last minute?  Why no Andray Blatche?  Why no killer instinct?  Why are we still hearing the team talk optimistically?  

I also have a big paper to write, so this game preview is basically non-existant.  The good news is that the Wizards don't have to worry about a playoff berth, because, via Indiana's loss last night, they're in.  But the bad news is that this is a grueling back-to-back against a team they can never beat anyway.

On a completely different note, you may have noticed the "Pradamaster Approves" block on the sidebar.  Basically, that comes from Ballhype, and if you're registered, you can "hype" different stories if you like them.  Those stories there are all stories I liked, but didn't have the time to blog about.  So be sure to check them out, because I'll be updating that daily.

Heat blogs: Ira Winderman, Crazy From the Heat.

Your lines:

Wizards at Heat: Miami by 9.
Over/Under on Daniels/Thomas: 18.5

This is an open game thread, so don't talk about Dwayne Wade, because they'll call a foul every time he's mentioned.